Hass.io going into wrong direction? [few thoughts]

today many of us - home assistant users - faced [most are still facing] total death of our installations caused probably by MQTT v3 update and while reading posts about that it looks like ANOTHER thing is disapearing from *.yaml config. this time - MQTT, and it made me think about writing few words.

I get it, HA was meant to be simple, devs want to make it useable by everyone, even by people who aren’t too good with tech or programming. that’s why “integrations” menu is getting bigger and bigger but…

…am I understanding it correctly, that yaml is slowly going away?! and we will just have to turn on “discovery” [which I hate because it always is a mess] and configure everything by clicking on the web front-end?

maybe I’m panicking, because I’m soooo frustrated by death of my home system [I’m flashing my card now & hope that older backups will work…] and by waste of the whole evening on reconfiguring stuff, if so - please assure me that I’m wrong, and there will be ALWAYS two ways to configure our systems - clickable frontend [integrations etc.] and yaml files.

I mean, sometimes I really hate yaml. I’m not a programmer, most of things I do by copy&paste&modify, but I LOVE TO HAVE FULL CONTROL, and only yaml gives me that impression. again - maybe it’s just an impression, but I don’t want to loose it. that would be wrong direction and a sign I need to search for a new system…

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I second that thought, once openhab moved away from config files I became more and more frustrated and switched to HA. Please keep the yaml config files, hate to start looking for another package where I have full and utter control.