Hass IO Help

Hi there I am trying to install HASS IO on my rasberry Pi 3 B+ via the downloadable image however i get as far as Starting cmdev .3.28 and nothing happens

Could you provide some more information? Maybe things like what instructions you are following? Have you tried with a different uSD card? How long have you waited at the point where it seems stuck? What is your network environment?

i am uaing a samsung eve 32gb image from the website its now at forwarding state

it now says wlan0:link not ready
Power management disabled

Do you see the onboarding screen at http://hassio.local:8123 or http://x.x.x.x:8123? (replace x.x.x.x with your Pi’s IP address)

samsung eve 32gb image… what the heck is that? Give this image a try:


Yes up and running just trying to figure out how to set up ssh