Hass.io install and config

Hello everyone i’m looking for anyone that could just help support me in with the how to set up

I’m running Home Assistant from a Synology NAS with in Docker and runs fine but that as far as i got

Could someone please support me with step by step

Thank you everyone that can take the time to read and support me

What do you want to know? Please specify. :face_with_monocle:

How do i install the Hass.io into Home Assistant

Hassio.io is different than home assistant. Hassio.io is homeassistant with a base linux (hassos) and the single hassio parts are running in single dockers.

HassOS with Docker Enviroment

What did you install on your Synology. You wrote, everything is running. So what do you want to install if it’s running?!

I’v install The Folloing into my Nas with it running fine

dockerhub homeassistant/home-assistant

I’m trying to add hass.io

I’m just trying to wrok out how to add it iva the cards i’m new to this so i’m trying to work out how to get it working one by one

This is my Home Assistant right now

Maybe you should read this:


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