Hass.io install for a Rock64

I have a Rock64 lying around and wanted to test the performance of Hass.io. Since there isn’t an image for this device, is there a way to install it on Debian Stretch light? There is a curl command that I used for my RPI3B+, but that was hardware specifc. Is there a generic command line install?

from this thread and your other one it sounds like you want to do more with your equipment than Hassio was designed to allow you to do. Hassio was meant to be a pretty much PnP installation for people who just wanted to jump in without too much configuration. Along with that concept comes limitations tho.

If it was me (and is what I actually eventually did…) I would just install home assistant in docker. You won’t get the “benefit” of the pre-packaged add-ons (which to me isn’t a huge loss) but it’s not locked down like Hassio is.

I’ve never used Hassio. I went from Hassbian on a RPi, to HA manually installed in a virtual environment on Debian 9 on a NUC to HA installed in docker on the the same Debian 9 NUC. I can (hopefully) help you with any of those installs other than Hassio.

I’m not sure what I want to do. At the moment the only pressing need I have is to control my MyQ garage. But the Hassio package manager is really intriguing, but might not be worth the effort. But I would like to see if I could setup the Rock64 with hassio just like I did with the RPI3. Just for kicks. But that would require a command line install, and I’m not sure if there is a package available for this platform.