Hass.io keeps becoming unresponsive

After many months of rock-solid performance, for two days in a row now my Hass.io server has at some point during the day become unresponsive. However I can still SSH in, and reboot the host, and then things come back to life.

While I can still SSH in, the Home Assistant API and UI are both completely unresponsive. There’s nothing telling in the HA logs, but there are a lot of relatively new failures…but none of it looks critical by itself. Things like failing to fetch the weather map, or failing to connect to the Ecobee. Most of it is complaining that it can’t reach my Roomba, which I haven’t had time to investigate. This is all new behavior, but as I said since I don’t see anything critical I suspect these are symptoms rather than causes.

I have made no changes to my setup in weeks, other than doing the occasional upgrade. Currently running on 0.64.3. Where should I be looking for information to troubleshoot?

Not sure what is happening but it happened to me also.No response from the RPi restrted and all went downhill…in a process of reinstalling but the web browser is not responding only the splash screen is on only if i connect it with HDMI.

If you’re reinstalling and still experiencing unresponsiveness, I wonder if it’s your SD card going bad.

Actually I’ve started to wonder if that’s my issue too, but in my case I’m not sure…I just can’t quite reconcile the fact that SSH works perfectly while it’s HA itself that becomes unresponsive.

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Hey same sort of deal for me,but mine takes a couple day’s then essentially my HA is toas. I have to reboot my pi by pulling the power and that buy’s me a few more days.

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This is for sure an SD-Card issue - I was finding the same issue until I got a better SD-Card and rock solid ever since. I also could ssh in but could not do anything with the dud card.

Taks a snapshot now while yu still can and get a better card.


Thanks! Snapshot taken :slight_smile:

I looked and I have a cheap SanDisk junk card in there. For anyone else going SD card shopping, it looks like the Samsung Evo Plus/Evo Select are highly recommended and durable, as are the Lexar cards. Avoid the bottom-tier SanDisk cards.

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I got an Samsung EVO Plus 128GB installed in my RPi3B+ but still experiencing lags and unresponsive frontends. It usually takes a few seconds before I can get access again but that’s annoying as hell if you want to try and disable your alarm and stuck after pressing two numbers… Perhaps I should switch to a small ssd…

Having same issues, did anyone find a solid SD card that fixed the problem?

First things that come to my mind are:
Corrupted sd card, a very big database, a sensor that is flooding Home Assistant with (MQTT) messages.

BTW, I replaced my SD card with a SanDisk 128GB Extreme MicroSDXC UHS and I have no more unresponsive issues.

I am again having unresponsive issues. My web front end has been down all day. It works a for bit after I cut power but then goes back to not loading. How do I check if its a large database problem?

I’m having this issue again. It sounds similar to this, but even having made adjustments to my recorder settings to minimize database size, I’m still having Home Assistant go unresponsive every so often. It makes it totally unreliable. I have a scheduled task on my server to reboot the docker container once every 8 hours, but I still find the UI unresponsive usually at least once a day.

Did you identify the root cause? I see similar behaviour on my setup :frowning: