Hass.io menu Empty

New install, no configurations made or changed at this point.

I am running Hass.io Home Assistant 0.65.6 on a Raspberry pi 3 B.

When I click the Hass.io menu the tabs for Dashboard, Snapshots, Add-On Store, & System are present but there’s nothing there other than on the Dashboard tab. On that tab is an entry telling me I don’t have any add-ons installed to head over to the add-on store to get started… Well, I’d love to but the Add-On Store tab is blank. Also, I think at this point the ‘Shopping Bag’ icon has been traded in favor of the ‘Add-On Store’ tab but, if not, well it’s not there either.

I have loaded the Hass front-end in both Safari & Firefox with the same results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

You might try refreshing the web page. I’ve seen this recently too, and that fixes it for me.

Thanks dap but… I’ve refreshed BOTH browsers (Safari & FF) as well as cleared the cache. I’ve also loaded the page in my mobile Safari web browser. I have also re-flashed my SD card to no-avail.


Hmmm, not sure what else to suggest. I just checked my other browsers (Chrome, and FF ESR 52.7) and neither of them seem to have the issue. Safari is my typical browser and the refresh works for me.

Are you on the local network? For me the panel does not work if use my remote URL

Seems to have resolved itself. Sorta. After reinstalling, waiting for what seemed like a very long time and refreshing the FF browser several times, the add-in tab populated and all is well. One caveat: every time I load the add-on tab, I must also refresh the page. Assure from that, everything seems to work.

Thanks for the responses!

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I’m getting this problem since upgrading as well. Hassio on RaspberryPi 3. While “refreshing the screen” works, I need to re-login every time (yes I have a password and don’t click “remember”).

All was well with 0.65.4 and 0.65.5

Firefox and Safari on macOS.

I had the same problem, empty page under the add-on tab. Refreshing the webpage did the trick.

Using Edge browser

Just adding my experience:

Brand new install on 23 April on Pi 3B, Safari 11.1, MacOS 10.13.4, and no tabs would appear to load.

Switched to Chrome 65.0.3325.181 and works like a charm.

After the 0.69 update the Hass.io tab will not even display after refreshing the window. It is completely broken. Yes Chrome works, but Chrome is not my browser of choice.

Same on 0.7.1 - gone from intermittent to permanent!

Not using Hassio, but I read on another thread adding hassio: to your configuration.yaml file fixes it.

oh really ! thanks - I’ll give it a try.

sure, if it does work post it.

Hi did this work for you?

I had/have the same problem. Started with a new install of .69 also a new install of .70 and .70.1. No Hassio-page simply won’t load. When inspecting the page I see an error the webcomponents-lite.js.map cannot be found. Only solution for me has been to use Chrome which I wish I did have to do… Same when loading in Firefox: webcomponents-lite.js.map not found…

@juan11perez - nope!

Same with all browsers updated…
Seems to have no solution, is there any other way to install add-ons?

What version of Hassio are you running?

Same problem and refresh does not help?
Running version 0,75.0 rasp3