Hass.io menu item not in Sidebar menu

I’ve done a manual install on my new Raspberry Pi, but when I logon to the front-end, the Hass.io menu item?

It shows in the sidebar:

  • Overview
  • Map
  • Logbook
  • <missing: Hass.io>
  • History
  • Configuration

I have HA version 0.78.3

Any Ideas?

I now noticed this is because of a manual install…? How do I utilise all the HA functionality then? i.e. adding add-ons etc?

not yet on .78 here, but adding


in the configuration.yaml might help

Tried that. Gives a Config error. As I understood if you don’t use the Hassio raspberry Image, you will miss this menu? So I wonder How I can easily add some add-ons etc?

sorry if I misinformed you, my bad. As said I am still on 75.3.

No problem. Guess I answered my own question :wink:

not sure here, all of a sudden I got config errors on Hassio (Hassos 0.78.3) without any misconfiguration , and Hassio menu disappeared. Reminiscing of the long struggle I had with Hassio in the pre 66 or so versions. I then learned the hassio: configuration to always show Hassio menu without exception.

So Ive just added it to the configuration.yaml again, just to see if that would indeed cause a config error as you said. It didnt, and it got my Hassio menu back…

hassio: is here to stay.