Hass.io not booting up

Hey guys,

I’ve bad Hassio running fine for months but now it’s not booting up anymore. If I connect a display to my rPI2 it shows the Home Assistant logo but I’m not able to access the web.

At this point I can’t access through SSH. I’ve put my SD on my iMac to at least copy the config files and rewrite the image but I’m not even able to find the config files inside the SD… where are they?

Also I remember there was more documentation regarding Hassio (like how to configure SSH – not talking about the SSH add-on) but now there’s only this? https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/


This is how it looks the SD right now on my mac

You will only see the boot partition when you plug the SD card in your mac.

Any idea how to mount the partition where the config file is?

Sure check this

I’m using Paragon extFS, got mounted resin-root and resin-updt but I’m unable to find the config files:

Nothing on /var/lib as @Dingle shows
Nothing on /resin-data
Nothing on backups
Not even searching for “configuration.yaml” I find it

did you find a way get configuration files?

No :confused: