Hass.io not In Sidebar After Fresh Install

Trying to install Hass.o on my raspberry pi 3 b+ in order to bring non Homekit devices into my Homekit ecosystem. I’m the complete definition of a newbie when it comes to working with a pi or anything other than Windows or MacOs. I downloaded the image file from the home assistant website (I tried both 32 and 64 bit version of the image). I flash the image onto my SD card with Etcher and then put it in the pi with it connected via ethernet directly into my router.

Once everything gets installed I’m able to access HA running on the pi but the Hassio menu in the sidebar isn’t present. I already tried adding hassio: and discovery: to the configuration.yaml file and that didn’t work. I’m fairly confident that Hassio actually installed because when I look at configuration > info I can see Hassio under integrations and when I look at configuration > users I can see Hassio listed as an administrator.

I’ve flashed and reflashed and reflashed and had no luck. Current version is 0.114.14.

Thanks for any help, I’ve been banging my head against the wall. If you could also explain things to me like I’m 12 that would also be super helpful.

The ‘hassio’ menu item has not been there for a very, very, very long time. You must have used outdated documentation. What was once the ‘hassio’ menu item is now the ’ supervisor’ menu item.

I guess I need to find some newer documentation on how to add home assistant to himekit then since the add ins they reference don’t show up in the supervisor menu. Thanks for the help, I’ve been going crazy.

No need for an addon, it’s a core integration.

Thanks! I’ve successfully got my bridge showing up in Homekit now. I need do do a lot more research at this point to figure out how I want everything to work together.