Hass.io not started after upgrade and power off

I thought my issue is pretty common, but I can’t find any useful information. I’ve installed hass.io on Raspberry pi 3 B+. It worked just fine a week or so. I’ve configured a lot of devices, enabled mqtt and was very happy. There was several power off for my Raspberry pi while I was searching the perfect place for my server. Then there was an update for hass.io. From 0.74.2 to 0.75.1.

Today I’ve added an icon for some already existing switch and hit Restart in web UI. The server was running. I’ve clicked “Check configuration” and this process hung up for several minutes. So I decided to power my raspberry off and back on.

Now I see from my router UI that board is connected. But I have ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in hass.io web UI. ssh is not enabled. Samba is not enabled. Last snapshot was taken too long ago to just reinstall hass.io and restore it from snapshot.
I tried to insert SD card with hass.io to my Windows 10 laptop to take my configuration files from there, but I see two partitions on SD card. One of them is boot, and I see files there, and the second is not recognized as valid file system. Does it means that my SD card is dead after a week of using, or it is just formatted in some FS that Windows 10 is not supporting?
Is there a way to connect to hass.io and see what is going on there?

Windows cannot read the the other partition, no. You can put your SD back in the pi and connect a keyboard/monitor to investigate.

I’ve already used an Ubuntu Live USB to copy configuration files.