Hass.io not starting in RPI3 error m2>c:

I’m trying to start HASSIO on my RPI3 but it don’t start.

I uploaded HASSIO image hassos_rpi3-2.12.img on SD using Win32DiskImager (Balena is not working on my Win7).
I used a good new Samsung SD 32GB A2, an RPI3 (already used for long time) and a 4A power supply used for long time on RPI3 (I tried also others power supply)
RPI3 is connected with a LAN cable.

After power on the RPI3 on HDMI TV I just saw few lines ending with “m2>c:”
Then it stop and nothing happend

Same hardware configuration is working if I use Hassbian or Docker, no way with HASSIO.

Here is my TV screen boot screen

What I can do?
Can some one suggest me some test or what it’s wrong?