Hass.io on debian wont update


I got Hass.io installed on debian. Its working pretty fine. Got some problems with timezone so i thought i’d update to make sure it wasnt a bug thats been fixed already.

For some reason i cant update. The Hassio supervisor and Home assistant gives the same error:

(Forum doesnt let me post the error here, coz im new)

Runs on docker-ce if that makes any difference.

Any idea?

Looks like docker registry was having issues or you have a proxy in the way.

Yeah, it feels like something with docker registry. In the errorlog its problem with port 53 udp, usually dns.

If i go to https://registry-1.docker.io/v2/ from my pc it says:
|message|“authentication required”|
Could it be that my docker doesnt authenticate towards the registry?

Another search gave more info, will try later today:

to /etc/resolver.conf

Fixed it