Hass.io on ESXi drive space issue

I have Hass.io running as a VM on my ESXi 6 server. While I’m not a VMWare expert, I got it working quite painlessly, moving it from an RPi to the VM using the provided VM image (I did have to use vmkfstools to convert the VMDK file). Everything has been running smoothly, but, lately, I’ve noticed a lot of error messages in the HA log, which seem to all indicate a drive space problem.

I pulled up the VMWare web console, and saw that the storage provisioned for this VM was 6GB, of which 8.16GB was Used. Huh? Seems impossible, but ok, perhaps it’s a drive issue. Now, I have plenty of drive space in that server, and the 6GB wasn’t something I set - it’s what was configured in the pre-made image.

So I shut down the VM, went to edit settings, and increased drive space to 32GB. But when I powered the VM back up, it was back to a 6GB limit. Not sure what’s going on. Is this somehow hard-coded into the VM image? Is there a solution for this?

EDIT: So I tried it again, and this time the change “stuck”. Ok, maybe some sort of glitch. However, the guest disks visible from VMWare don’t seem to have expanded any, so I’m concerned it’ll still have space issues? There are a whole lot of disks inside teh VM, and they are all at 85% capacity or higher. Does Hass.io have any mechanism for expanding those, to fill the space now available to it?