Hass.io on Pine64

New user here, looking to migrate from Smarthings & Wink and bought a USB Nortek ZWAVE/ZIGBEE stick

I have a spare Pine64 2GB board, which i have not been able to use for any project so far, and was wondering if there is an easy way to use that to run Hass.io ? Tried configuring an Ubuntu VM on my Laptop with Docker and other dependencies to run script and keep running into errors (not too familiar with Linux…) and looking for an easy way to get started

Or should i just buy a RPi 3 and leave the Pine64 for another day ?

Appreciate your help in getting started


I have a pine64 2Gb too.
I installed Home Assitant on it at starting

I don’t know if Hass.io is compatible, but Home Assistant via pip is.
I had to install the first debian release, but now many releases are out.

It worked fine.

So, which debian release have you installed?

I don’t remember since this moment i move my Home assistant on a Linux Ubuntu VM and now i’m on docker…