Hass.io on Qnap using docker


i m a newbie but keen to get hassio on my NAS to run, while need some help.
my intent is to us hassio on my QNAP TS-251 using Docker.

in my first attempt i installed the “home-assistant” container successfully.
while realizing that the cool and easy add-on´s are not in my env which i could see in some videos.
OK reading helped to find out that there is a distinction of home-assistant and hass.io got it :slight_smile: .
So now i want to get hassio instead while can t find an hassio docker container,… ?
i find the installation guides to setup hassio on a raspi but i don t get the point how i can use or setup hassio with my qnap docker.
Can someone please help or guide me to the right article how to do this.


You will need to do some thinking and understand how it works.

Just LOOK at the hassio generic Linux installer and see what it does. Try to replicate that on your QNap. If you can’t, then you can’t install hassio.

You realize that add-ons are just other docker containers right? You can do this all yourself manually.