Hass.io on Rpi 3B+ sizing with Add-ons?


I migrated a few weeks ago to Has.io (32-bit) running on Raspberry Pi 3B+. I am a happy camper and at the moment run configurator, Node-red (testing) and motioneye (2 camera’s).

I a wondering if there is some sizing info how much add-ons you can run together? Can I still run a pi-hole or do people run separate installs for this ?

Depends on how picky you are with responsiveness. I run Pi-hole, Dasshio, Xbox One, SSH & Web Terminal, IDE, MQTT Server and Client, Samba share without any problems on my 3B. It works well enough for me, but it could be more responsive. Loading state history of devices takes ~3 seconds, but I don’t use that feature. There is a general sluggishness with the rPi3B that’s only going to get worse as new features are added to HA. I wouldn’t worry about upgrading to a NUC if you are fine with your current performance. I didn’t notice a performance hit after installiing Pi-Hole, but I only connect one client to it.

In the backend, I haven’t noticed any slowdowns browsing the internet on my laptop that is using Pi-Hole as its DNS, nor have I seen significant slowdown with the MQTT<->SmartThings connection. It’s just the frontend stuff that exhibits some lag on the rPi.

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I had 6 add-ons running and it was going ok. Restarting took ages and the history/log book was very slow, but it worked and was very functional. You don’t really need to use logbook or restart the pi very often. I’ve changed to an i5 Intel nuc and it’s way faster (check config is instant), however the pi was ok.

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