HASS.io on VirtualBox non link on bridged network

I’m running HASS,io on VirtualBox on NAT network with no problem, but I would like to put it to work on bridge mode but there’s no way to do it.
On virtualbox I simply select the bridge mode and the select the NIC card, but nothing … it wouldn’t connect.
Viirtualbox have no error and tell me that the network is connected.

I would want to use the bridge mode beacuse I’ve a problem on connecting the Moquitto broker addon, it seems that won’t work through the NAT:

Tried to load a lubuntu iso instead of the HASS.io image, and the bridge network works… so the problem is related to the HASS.io.

Make sure you set network device in vbox to Intel PRO/1000 MT Desktop

Yes, the same that’s working now in NAT mode.