Hass.io on WIN10

The objective I had was to have a portable version of Home-assistant that we could use away from home and test new ESP-Home controllers, while I’m not attached to my home network.

My PC is always with me so I decided to make a copy on the PC.

I manage to get Docker Desktop working on Win10 and to install Home-assistant on the PC … with some change to the official documentation.

Home assistant works, BUT BUT I don’t have any way to install the add-on like ESP-Home or Node-red ! I missed the HASSIO stanza on the left o the menu !


What do I have to do to get the other add-on?


How did you install it? Did you install Home-Assistant, or HassIO? They are not the same thing, and only HassIO comes with the HassIO menu.

If you’re just running it on Windows just for testing, it might be simpler to have an Ubuntu VM on windows, and install HassIO there. I’ve never tried running it in windows, but I believe I’ve read that there are some issues with it.

These are the commands for installing HassIO in linux, which include pulling the docker image, but I’m not sure it will help on a Windows install.

Windows installs are not supported. You would be better to use VirtualBox and a Debian or Ubuntu VM with a bridged NIC and install Hassio on that. Just follow the generic Linux instructions on the Hassio page.

OK I moved to virtual Box and installed the full HassIO !!

Anyway the pure Homeassistant can be load on Win10 with the Desktop docker. And it is reasobly responsive.

So if the need is only to have HomeAssistant it could be an option. and it requires a lot less resources

If you mean you installed the Hassio HassOs image on VirtualBox, I found that OS appeared to lose network connection every week or two. Hassio on a Debian VM was much more stable.