Hass.io patching

Just a thought, can you perhaps provide the option to patch/upgrade Hass.io with latest minus one. This week was rough regarding all the failed Microsoft patches, but the go through it with Hass.io just made it worse. After the 2nd last upgrade my Hacs disappeared. I know ESPHome is an addon but after patching that all my DHT22 sensors failed.

Thank you for a great product

my understanding is thats what the numbers after the second dot are patching

spotted a spelling mistake beater fix that with patch and yes I have done that with a patch update

You can install any version you want. I don’t understand this request at all.

For Home Assistant see the docs (as others have mentioned).

thank you, maybe I have not read /explained well. Where it says version xxx.xx available I wanted to be able to choose what version I want installed, not latest.

What is your installation method?

And if you look at the link I posted it tells you how to do that :wink: