Hass.io Play Radiostream

I plan to use Haas.io TTL as “welcome home” and debug message output. But that will be just a few messages a day. It feels a little bit of a waste to me to sacrifice a speaker for just a few sentences. So I thought about playing a Radiostream from the internet meanwhile. Since I can not login to hass.io SSH to setup everything, what would you recommend to do to play a Radiostream from hass.io?


I recommend reading this:

thanks for the link, but as far as i can see that does not match my requirements. The solution you provided requires an external chromecast. I am trying to use hass.io audio output, as there is already a speaker attached for TTS output.

You can install an add-on called “Mopidy and Snapcast”. It I’ll turn your device (Rpi?) into a media player and then use the solution I’ve mentioned. You can also use Spotify and Google music with that add-on.

I didn’t think Google Music could be used with that component under HassIO due to some of the prerequisites?

Yes you can! From the addon page:

Google Music support
To get the GMusic addon working add this to your options section:

“name”: “gmusic/username”,
“value”: “YourUserName”
“name”: “gmusic/password”,
“value”: “ApplicationPassword”

Read more at:

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awesome! thanks. i didnt realise that addon existed

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newb question: Google Music is Google Play Music? The username is the Google account (gmail)? I tried and its not working (empty)

If I go to


I receive this

The setting that you are looking for is not available for your account.


I managed you need to enable 2 steps log in first for your google account and then ONLY you can get an app password … strange

Yes, I think they are the same. Try entering Google play music from a desktop and see if the user and pass are accepted.

No ar enot, see my edit in the post above.

Another, very newb question, now the addon works well the webpage opens and I have my local music, spotify lists and gmusic music (free account). All is great.

But when I go to

the addon is there, when I play music nothing is played in my PC speakers (the player is moving on in the song)

Also, see this:

And this:


Try playing music from dev tools to the media-player

mmhh how is this?

mopidy-moped is a web client, I guess is needed a PLAYER? But how?

Go to Dev Tools States and search for the player created by Mopidy. If there is no new player make sure discovery is enabled or create a new player with:

## Mopidy
- platform: mpd
  name: 'YourPlayer'
  host: 192.168.x.xxx
  port: 6601

Ok Now I have two, (reloading HASSIO now). What I am missing, if I go from a PC-browser and browse, and press play, it should play on the PC?

  - platform: mpd
    name: 'mopidy'
  - platform: mpd
    name: 'mopidy_nuc'
    port: 6601

Now I have the media_player.mopidy_nuc … but how to play music from the browser of my pc …

Ohh I guiess this is needed

“If you want to play the audio on another computer than the one running Mopidy, you can stream the audio from Mopidy through an Icecast audio streaming server. Multiple media players can then be connected to the streaming server simultaneously.”

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The web client is just a streamer, you listen on another computer.

yes understood (sorrt of).

So the HASSIO addon would need also some sort of streamer, how to add it?

Or I can achieve with the mopidy+snapcast hassio addon?