Hass.io provides no error messages shown when starting add-ons

For info, issue: Hass.io provides no error messages shown when starting add-ons, which fail when attempting to start.

My Home Assistant is in the form of Hass.IO in Docker on a virtualized Ubuntu Server 18.04, as per these instructions.

As an example, I already have an server running on the same port as the add-in wants to bind to, im my case APC UPS Daemon is running on the Ubuntu server and so when trying to start the Hass.io apcupsd add-on it fails and the only line in the logs is: “Error grabbing logs: EOF”.

The issue turned out to be I already had a APCUPSD server running on the same machine, so the new docker container could not start because port was in use (error message: 3551: bind: address already in use).

Only found by using Docker Portainer by manually starting the apcupsd Hass.io add-on, as the hassio interface does not give error messages!

Logged as an issue: https://github.com/home-assistant/hassio/issues/689

Now moved to the https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer/issues/1693

However, Ballob says “The Hass.io panel is currently unmaintained.”

Temporary fix: The logs can be found inside the supervisor logs.

However my request is to have the error show up when attempting to manually start an add in. Currently when trying to start nothing appears, there is no obvious indication that any action has taken place. The only way to know why the little indicator hasn’t switch to green is to check the logs.