Hass.io Raspberry Zero Network config

I need help with the Network configuration of the Hass.io package for Raspberry Pi Zero. I am sure something is wrong.

I created a file resin-wifi and added my said and password, password noch encrypted, think that is the first error. And i am not sure if key-mgmt=wpa-psk is correct.

But the documentation does not really help me. Anyone here who can help or give tipps?

The only thing i get on boot is the hass background image and after few minutes a black screen, thats all. I think the problem is it can not connect to the web.

What do you get when you type


at the command line?

i can not see the cli, only hass loading screen and then black screen, without any text or login interface

My apologies, I have never run hass.io before. I just installed it on a Pi3 using a wired connection. I then pulled the SD out and modified the system-connections/resin-sample to add my connection information. I added a fixed address so I would know where to look. Once it booted, the UI came up.
If you created a new file, try just editing the sample. Make sure your router supports WPA-PSK. The password is NOT encrypted. Make sure the SSID is exactly the same as on the router.