Hass.io reach IP? Weird IP

Hello. Please help me…

Show my IP look that: 2001:8a0:ed77:e00:a00:27ff:fedc:65a:8123

I have this message: Success! go to 2001:8a0:ed77:e00:a00:27ff:fedc:65a:8123

Captura de ecrã 2020-12-02, às 14.59.44

But how I reach this weird IP?
I cant reach HA page with MyIP:8123 or with http://hassio.local:8123

Can you help me please?
Thanks a lot

Did yiu try ? is the IP of the machine running Home Assistant OS is the IP of the docker container running Home Assistant
2001:8a0:ed77:e00:a00:27ff:fedc:65a is the IPv6 IP

Yes, and don’t work anything… :roll_eyes:
I dont understand why …

How did you install Home Assistant?

I made on a MacBook an Ubuntu Server image with VirtualBox.

I have made like this tutorial:

Is wrong?

(P.s.: I have install OpenSSH server by mistake. It makes a difference?)

Are you planning to run the macbook 24/7?
You shouldn’t use youtube tutorials, they are mostly outdated, for example this one still talks about hass.io, this term has been deprecated around 6 months ago. Home Assistant is developing so fast that most of the tutorials are outdated pretty quickly.

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Yes. Is an old MacBook. For now is what I have available, to test everything. Then I will migrate to a Raspberry Pi in the future.

Oh! Ok, thanks! :ok_hand:
So where should I see how to do the installation? For me this is a new world, and I really want to learn everything …

Actually, a Laptop is quite nice for running Home Assistant as it has built-in UPS.

Follow the official docs here.
Also here’s a good overview of the different install methods.

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All working now! Thanks a lot :+1:

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