Hass.io, rpi_rf component, sending codes in 24bit not 32bit

Hi, I just startet using hass.io and I’m trying to get my 433,92MHz switches to work. When i read the codes from the reciever they are in 32bit but the pi is sending the codes in 24bit. Can that be changed in way?

i found this: https://gist.github.com/costr/f2c08c079785547550dec3fb360adcc5 where the tx_length can be changed but i can’t figure out how to edit that file.

Did you find a solution to this?

No unfortunately not. I tried installing hassbian instead of hass.io, so i could change the config file. But i still can’t get the plugin to send the right codes.

I managed to modified my homeassistant to work with an RF receiver that used 27 bit codes but it was a little messy. I did find a github fork of the rpi-rf script that has 32 bit included (I have to specify 27 bit length for it to work on my units). It shouldn’t be to hard to install it under homeassistant. https://github.com/milaq/rpi-rf . I’m still struggling with getting my RF transmitter working in hass.io. Just have to figure out how to force it to use this version instead of the official rpi-rf repo. :smile:

I replaced all my rf switches with sonoff basic. Sonoffs work very well after flashing with tasmota.