Hass.io samba not showing up in windows network folder

hey all, i have some problems with my new hass.io installation on a raspberrie pi 3 ,
i installed it on the raspberry with the hass file,
After the installation i added the addon : Samba share , leaved everything defauld and clicket on start.

But the problem is that it does not apear in windows network folder .
how can i get this folder visable?

thanks .

Same problem here. Just started, so i hope it’s something i just missed. Anyone to help us?

Got it:

Just type
in the explorer address

and shares show up.


I’m having the same issue but only on some devices… I haven’t been able to determine a specific criteria yet. I can as well access it by typing out the smb address however that is not the intended functionality. Therefore something must still be wrong. Anyone have any further development on this?