Hass.io SD card failed, got config back, but some things don't work the same?

So basically my sd card fried, I got my /homeassistant folder recovered thankfully.

I got a new SD, loaded hassio and samba, and I completely replaced the addons, backup, config, share, and ssl folders with those from my recovered SD card.

I restarted HA and yay! My Lovelace looked good and everything seemed fine, but now I am noticing some issues and I have no clue why or what I may need to do to get it back to normal.

Some things I noticed wrong that might pinpoint what I need to do:

  • When I select the hass.io tab from home assistant, I see my add ons, but for some reason it is not showing any as activated/installed (expect samba) although for some reason they are all in my addons folder, even stranger, the add ons are not showing as “on” in my dashboard, but they are still working behind the scenes (ex. duckdns & configurator).
  • My mqtt sensor will randomly drop out showing downward spikes like I restarted homeassistant
  • My Alexa media player will stop playing music after about 1 minute and say “Alexa cannot play Apple Music”
  • My Samba username is stuck with the old one from my previous config even though I changed it on the add-on config and the /addon/data/core_samba/options.json file

I have no clue if there is some files I needed to add that were not in the folder I replaced on my home assistant config, if anyone has experience with this please let me know any ideas or something I could do that may fix why my config is messed up after reinstalling

Hass.io addons do not use an addon folder for their functionality. They are other Docker containers installed.
Perhaps they need to be reinstalled. I do not think the containers themselves are in the snapshot.

Hmmm… what do you think of me formatting this sd, reinstalling hassio, reinstall all my addons, then just move my config folder from samba? would I be leaving out anything from the other folders I may need? should I move everything expect the add-on folder?

What version were you initially running? There seem to be configuration changes every major version lately.