Hass.IO service to make snapshot

There are hassio services to start/stop/restart the host machine and apps, it would be nice to also have a service to trigger a snapshot to automate backups.

This would be great. Being able to automate the management of snapshots would be a great feature.

Agreed, great idea!

Personally I’d love an easy way to just commit and push to Github. Right now I need to SSH in and run commands manually (or with a script), but it seems like something that would be perfect added to the UI. Just needs a spot for credentials etc. Unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to start in coding it or I’d do it myself :smiley:

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Automatic backups would a great feature!

As of 0.61, there is a snapshot service available for hassio, which means you can perform automatic backups. See the post below for more info.

A UI element that commits my config to Github would solve my use case.

During downtime at work, I like to log into github and modify my config. I use the Hass.IO addon “Git_Pull” to then load my changes down to my HA instance.

occasionally, a local change is made (maybe HA logged a new entry in entity_registry.yaml) causing a conflict between my github config and local config.
When this happens, git_pull stops working and I can no longer see the results of any config changes I make.

my work network is pretty locked down so I’m limited to accessing github or my UI

I think what you want is here: