Hass.io showing up in my Resin.io dashboard

I have a Resin.io account that I use for other things. I know that Hass is based on a Resin image. Is there anyway to get my Home Assistant to show up in my Resin.io dashboard?



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Interested also in this.

Me too. How can we get this to work? I gave it a try with the hassio repo but I haven’t been able to get it to work yet. First it complained about a missing environment variable, and when I added it, it started complaining about not being able to find the docker socket.

Is this the right repo to push to resin.io, or should I be using the resinhup one instead?


I am especially interested in this for security reasons.

Running my RPI on the hass.io resin account gives the owner of this account SSH access to my RPI through a VPN with no way for me to control or even find out about this.