Hass.io shutdown takes several minutes

when using the shudown function from the supervisor WEB GUI, it takes very long for the host system to actually shutdown. Console output during this time is as follows:

systemd-shutdown[1]: Waiting for process: rngd, dockerd, docker, docker-proxy

Is there any way I can find out what delays the shutdown?

Um… yeah it takes a couple of minutes to shutdown like my other Linux systems also do… what exactly do you expect here? An orderly controlled shutdown isnt instant… Hoe often are you shutting down the host anyway? It’s supposed to run 24/7

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My ubuntu VM (on the same host) takes a couple of seconds to shutdown, so what I would expect is something around maybe half a minute max, definitely not several minutes for a virtually empty hass.io instance.

I just started a completely empty hass.io instance, latest version qcow2 file, and did some timings. From the time the shutdown is initiated in the web GUI it takes 2 mins 47 seconds for the VM to power down. This is a completely pristine install, with no services, dockers etc. running.

I dont think that this is the way it should be, something is clearly wrong here.