Hass.io SSH login

i have configured a SSH server.
I want use “nmcli” command to set the VLAN. I correctly connet to server and see the Hassio CLI. Now i type “login” command and show this:

core-ssh.local.hass.io login:

where is the user and password?


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Do you found a solution?

I’m stuck on this as well.

The correct Port Is 22222

but what’s the username/password?

i’m currently having the same problem, has anyone here found out anything?

If you are using the SSH & Web Terminal Add-on then you have set your own user/pass. You can’t use “login” from an add-on. But you can use nmcli using the information below:



Thank you very much. It’s working fine!
The most important thing is to correctly configure this addon (SSH & Web Terminal), because if you don’t do it in right way, you will have “502 bad gateway” error.