Hass.io stops allowing connections

Good evening, Newbie here to the whole home assistant world but have spent the last 20 years as a system admin so know my way around.

I have a raspberry pi3, I am able to install hass.io no problem, login no problem everything works great. I am able to change my configuration.yaml to say add yahoo weather, check my config and it says valid. I restart HA to see my changes and it never comes back.

My SMB share is still working as I can see all the files but I can’t SSH or access the site via browser.

I have had this happen 5 or 6 times and I have to reload hass.io each time. Even if I don’t make any changes to the config.yaml after my restart the system won’t come back up.

I have tried restarting via the dev service calls an the configuration section restart home assistant. I really want to get this to work as I have big visions for this. I have also tried installing Hassbian 1.3 image I get to a login screen and it sits for hrs and the site never comes up.

I have seen many posts about this and it doesn’t seem like anyone has ever gotten an answer. I have also tried hassbian 1.3 image and seem to be having some issues with that if anyone has some thoughts on that. I have a forum post on that as well.

I was able to get this to stabalize it seems by using the restart home assistant from the hass.io sidebar and the three dots in the top right corner.