Hass.io suddenly dead - 5 days after installation

I bought a new good quality sd card, new raspberry pi. I took me 5 days to fully get everything up and running and now out of sudden everything stopped working.

I can’t ssh in, I can’t log in to the UI. The pi responds to ping a minute or two, then stops for a minute or two and responds again. Weird.

Connect a monitor and keyboard to the pi.

I did. No signal.

have you changed something in the config.yaml and not checked?

Possibly, Ive been tweaking the automation for the past few days. Anyway to get it back to work without losing the progress?

Go back in time and create a snapshot and copy it off the SD card.

Or, put the SD card in a PC and recover the config files. You will need software to do this if using a windows machine.

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To slow…

I think you can access the config.yaml on the sd card if you read the sd card on pc and there looking for the error if there is one.

For test you can load a standard config and check the problem is not on raspi or on the SD card.

maybe a boot file is missing.

Sorry my english is horrible

I was able to find the config file but everything seems to be okay. I ran into some issues while opening the card and I think it’s damaged.

Having in mind I have access to the “old” home assistant folder what do I need to do to copy the old configuration and devices to a new installation?

You could try if you can create an image. i think with win32 or something similar. Maybe everything can still be read.

Copy the entire /config directory.

Or the latest snapshot you made from /backup.

There is no config folder here. Did you mean the whole “homeassistant” folder? Also, the backup folder is empty.

Yeah the whole homeassistant folder.

I just copied the whole folder as suggested above and it worked! Thank you so much guys! You just saved me a lot of work!

Are you using hassio?

If so, get to know the hassio / snapshot page. Create them regularly and copy them off the card.

There are options to automatically do this nightly and save to google drive or dropbox. Search the forum.

Try to setup the automatic back-up by following the link below.

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