Hass.io updating

I tried to update hass.io from 1.1 to 1.3, but now Home assisant doesn’t work anymore.
I have had this once before aswell, only way to fix it was to do a clean install…

This is the error i get when trying to start Homeassistant

Any ideas?

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Sorry, no good ideas since I’m a newbie. I tried 1.3 for both Pi 1 and Pi 2b.
Pi1 could almost boot and presented “preparing Hass.io” for a short while. Possible to ping but nothing else.
Pi2b show “prepairing Hass.io” forever (more than 24h) after boot. Hdmi only show Hass logo. No SSH or telnet since I never get to the menus.

Did you get into the menus? Suspect that you did since it looks like you have SSH or something.