HASS IO VM completely unresponsive after update

I attempted to update the OS from the GUI yesterday and the and entire VM went completely unresponsive. I tried rebooting it this morning and it starts up to the CLI but then the cursor locks and I can’t type, and the CPU is stuck at >50%. The GUI is not up so I can’t log in to check anything.

Unfortunately I don’t have a backup of the VM. I have the internal HA backups but did not expect the entire VM to die.

Not even sure where to start in terms of diagnosing this.

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HAOS ?; VM Software & Version ?; VM Host ?

So all your backup’s are stored on the VM? None stored externally?

They’re stored wherever HA puts them by default. The VM has never given me issues.

After about the 4th restart, and removing floppy/optical/USB from the VM, it seems to have started. I logged into the GUI and attempted to update core again and it failed with:

22-04-03 12:02:31 ERROR (MainThread) [supervisor.os.manager] Home Assistant Operating System update failed with: Installation error: Failed updating slot kernel.1: failed to mount slot: failed to run mount: Child process exited with code 32

I suppose this is an issue for a separate thread. I still have no clue why the first update attempt killed the VM though.

One thing I’ve learned about Home Assistant over my very short time with it… It’s very fragile.

I would highly recommend, once you get back to a good running state, developing a 2 stage back up system (HAOS and VM) that stores the backups out of the VM, and off the VM Host.

I am experiencing the same thing. I am running HA VM on Proxmox which has been working flawlessly for a long time until now.

When I try to update the OS the VM hangs unresponsive on reboot and the CPU goes up to >50%. I have to kill the VM and luckily I have a backup which I can restore from, but the same thing happens if I try to perform the update again.

Anyone know what might be causing this issue ans how to resolve it?

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