Hass.io with integration of homematic & Conbee 2

Hey guys,

i have a quick question:

i want to order a homematic ip floot heating actuator (https://www.homematic-ip.com/en/products/detail/homematic-ip-floor-heating-actuator-12-channels-motorised.html) and the usb connector for my rasperry 4 from elv. i have also a xiaomi indoor sensor for the temperature.

Do i have to buy the homematic thermostat for the room or is it possible to get the temperature value from the xiaomi sensor to the homematic actor through the hass.io integration? :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome! It is possible to to link the Xiaomi sensor to Homematic IP via HA, but I would recommend that you use the Homematic thermostat. It will be much easier to integrate and control.
If you are using the Homematic CCU add-on, make sure that the USB adaptor you get is compatible with it.

Hey Pat,

thx for your info. In the meantime i got the usb-adaptor and the homematic ip access point :). But for me it´s not possible to get my things working :frowning:

  • I installed the Homematic CCU addon from the store and connected to the correct usb port. But i can´t access different things on the webui (firewall, additional software etc.). the website is loading and loading…

  • the integration from the homematic ip-cloud is working like a charm. the problem is, that i am not able to connect the xiaomi temperature sensor with the homematic thermostat (i don´t know how). maybe the problem is that i don´t see the heating-actor as an entity in the home-assistant-interface.

any suggestions?

Apologies, I didn’t see your reply. I think you may be getting a bit confused between the different types of Homematic integrations - I certainly was at first!
If you bought the HM IP Access Point, then this is the cloud-based homematic solution, which is configured via an app on your phone. There is no local control unit. In that case the CCU addon and USB adaptor are not needed.
To get your Homematic devices into Home-Assistant you need to setup the Homematic IP Cloud integration from here: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/homematicip_cloud/
I haven’t done this procedure as I have the CCU version, but you should be fine if you were able to get this far.
Once you can see your devices, you can create automations in Home-Assistant to control them with the Xiaomi temperature sensor.
Let me know how you get on.