Hass.io without Home Assistant

Hass.io is an extremely simple system to install. It could be used a pi-hole or Zigbee hub without home assistant at all ( or have home assistant as an add-on ) .

Pretty sure HassOS (NOT HASSIO) is just built off of this:


Raspbian is an extremely simple system to install and it is then extremely simple to install pi-hole and zigbee2mqtt.

I could install pi hole and zigbee2mqtt on on any distro . The point is Hass.io is a stable and known quantity. I don’t need to follow a set of mystic runes to install the software , which i will forget in 6 months
Upgrades and backups are a simple click . I can move configuration from PI , to Tinker board to NUC in moments. When you depend on systems, the ability to replicate the exact setup quickly and accurately on any hardware platform is priceless, I think Hass.io is genius and is some what wasted on being a vehicle for just Home assistant

@flamingm0e I think your right, not sure if Hass.io provides the the backup and add-ins and HassOS is the underlying linux and docker infrastructures, but the ability to add home assistant as an add-in would add lots of flexibility, fail over systems , configuration duplication , Home assistant clusters

HassOS is just the host OS that runs an appliance like Linux distro and is the docker host.

What you are describing is quite literally available on any system running docker.

I know there is nothing unique about the underlying technology , the point is Hass.io has a growing list of curated applications, an active community, fantastic addins. You can quickly test and reject options without compromising the system

I just don’t understand why HA and Hass-io share the same docker space. Maybe it my lack of understanding, hence the feature request


Without the supervisor, there is no hassio. HA is it’s own docker container, but without the supervisor you have no hassio menu to access these things.

What you are essentially asking for is for someone to stop development on hassio/HassOS and instead write a frontend for the OS, so you can have a web gui for docker containers…

We have that already. It’s called RancherOS, or any Linux distro running portainer.

Again its my limited knowledge , but Hass.io and HA share the same the same GUI interface . If Hass.io had its own GUI . HA could be an addin within the Hass.io GUI and be added and removed at will.

If this is a complete rewrite of HassOS and Hass.io then it nonstarter , will look at RancherOS not something I have have come across before thank you