Hass.io won't finish starting since 0.111

Hi ! Since the last update ( 0.111 ) my home assistant won’t start completely … the ui is loading then I have a message that said ( something like that mine is in French ) : Hold on we are loading everything not everything will be available.

So my automation won’t work, my themes won’t apply ( it’s an automation so I get it ) my Xiaomi and harmony integration won’t work…

I look at the log and everything look ok … ?

What can I do ?

Log into the cli and roll back to the previous version. If that fixes it you have a breaking change you need to fix before updating again.

No, Like I said I have acmes to the UI so I can rollback a backup … but it would be better if I could fix it

This is how you fix it. You don’t have to restore everything from a backup. Just issue this command at the cli to go to the previous version to see if it fixes your problem:

ha core update --version=0.110.7

If it does then you have a breaking change you need to fix before updating. So read the release notes and act accordingly.

If it does not restore your system then you have bigger issues.