HASS.io wouldn't update to 0.62.1 then it broke

I tried for a couple of days to update to 0.62.1, it kept saying “unknown error”. Then I decided to create a snapshot, which didn’t work, just got no feedback and no new snapshot.

Restarting Hass from the config menu a number of times didn’t help the update. Decided to reboot the RPi (pulled the power and re applied). Now I get no front end. I can’t even SSH into it any more. Samba also isn’t working so I may have lost my config files (configuration.yaml, automations.yaml, customize.yaml, groups.yaml).

So now what? I’m not an expert Hass.io user. My feeling is to get a new SD card and recreate a new Hass image, then use some old backups of my config files, although I’m not sure I backed up the latest files.

Any other suggestions? Is there something wrong with v0.62.1? Can I put the micro SD card into my card reader and save the config files?

I feel your pain. I never got to the point that I could not use samba and ssh. It sounds like something serious went wrong with the OS. Can you ping the box?

May be a bad card… It is to bad that the cards can’t be mounted and examined.

I will try and ping it tonight, but it’s showing up in my network scanner at the usual IP address so pretty sure it is responding.