Hass.io, zwave and zwcfg*.xml

I have just migrated to hass.io, I got everything working except my FIBARO FGKF601 Keyfob.

I know I need to change the zwcfg*.xml file, I did that on my Raspbian installation, but where do i find it in a hass.io installation?

find / -name “*zwcfg*”

did not return anything.

It should be in /config along with the rest of the configuration files. If you have the Samba add-on installed, it will export this as the config share.

Yes, that was where I thought it would be.

I have FTP and ssh access.

My setup was that I was migrating from Raspbian to hass.io.
I kept the z-wave dongle in the pi. After installation z-wave worked (except the Keyfob) I got events as expected. That was without a zwcfg*.xml file.

I did a network heal and a reboot, that created the file. I do not think the network heal is necessary, but I cant be sure.

I stopped the z-wave service, updated the zwcfg*.xml file, restarted z-wave and now everything is working as it should.

Furthermore, after adding a z-wave unit to the network you apparently have to stop the z-wave service before the new entry is added to the zwcfg*.xml file.