Hass NFC - Control Home Assistant with NFC tags


Ah that’s the problem then. I’ll work on an option to disable verification for those who don’t have ‘valid’ certificates.


Just pushed a new version to the store (1.0.4). Should arrive in the next few hours in the store I guess.


  • It’s now possible to ignore SSL verification. Use at own risk!
  • A few small UI tweaks

I didn’t want to break my own SSL certificates, so I did some basic tests, so let me know if it works for you. You need to restart the app to let the change go through (as it’s a global network setting).

Thanks for your kind words.

If anyone has a great feature in mind, let me know! :slight_smile:


Perfect! It is now working with my self signed certs! Thank you.


Great to hear.

How is everyone liking the app? Wondering if there are some users here. I’m open for suggestions and improvements.


Is it possible to trigger lights or other components directly or do we need to create scripts?


You should be possible to trigger any entity function.


Hi @Gerben321 been using the app since yesterday and found it extremely useful, thank you.

Would it be possible to add feedback when a tag is scanned? Such as a push notification and/or vibration feedback also? Would be quite useful I think.

Thanks again


Great to hear you find it useful!

You should get a little text balloon in the bottom of your screen saying the scan was successful or has failed.

But sure, I can have a look to add more feedback. If I find some time I’ll add some options to enable vibration and a notification. Great suggestion!


I see the small bubble which is great.

I guess I’m just used to using Google Pay and receiving that vibration feedback when I know the payment has gone through, so this way I’d feel the same when scanning a tag.

Be good if you could integrate it :slight_smile:


Hello @Gerben321,

Nice project you got here.

I will be very much interested, but is it possible for you to add the ability to just read the NFC and have the data send over MQTT?

I just purchased one of these Android rooted PoE tablets from China, and it has an NFC reader. Now I want to be able to read the tags, and have it send the data to my broker even if its running at the background.

Will this be possible? If you can dd this, then it will be very great. Besides I think it adds extra flexibility to the app, as mone can create mqtt sensors and if its a certain value, carry out some automatons.



It’s on my to-do list! Hopefully I find some time soon to implement it.


That’s also a great idea I’ve been thinking about. I’ll put it on my list and see what I can do! Thanks


I’ve just pushed out version 1.0.5! In the settings page there are now three new switches to control the notifications you’d like. The default settings are only toast notifications like in the previous version. The vibration should last 500ms (half a second). I haven’t tested it on a physical device, so let me know if that’s a nice value.

If you encounter any issues, or think of any improvements let me know! Cheers.


Good news, I’ve just pushed an update (1.0.6) to the Play Store with support of the new auth system.

The only drawback for now is that you have to create this “Long-Lived Access Token” yourself in Home Assistant. Go to your profile tab in HASS (https://hass.example.com:8123/profile) and scroll all the way down and create a new Access Token. Select a name to remember what it’s for (Hass NFC for example), and copy the token in your app. It’s easy to do this on your phone so you can copy and paste this long code.

I am planning to support this in a more native/automatic way so you don’t have to create this manually, so I hope to bring out an update for that soon.

How are you guys liking the new notifications I’ve added in the previous version?


Hi, I wish to understand how all this works.

My goal is to open a gate with my smartphone. I (finally) beeing able to use a smart switch to open remotely the gate (turn_on switch.gate).

What exactly do I need to get?
I guess this below?

And that’s it, correct?


Hi, you’re right. Those tags seem fine. I obviously can’t guarantee it will work on a specific phone, but seeing the title it should be fine.

My app should indeed do what you’re after. You could either trigger toggle/turn_on/turn_off, whatever you need.

Oh, and maybe obvious, but your Android phone should have internet (either WiFi or mobile reception), and your HASS installation should have the API module enabled and should be accessible from the outside world if you’re not on WiFi.

On another note: I’m facing some crashing with the option ‘push notifications’ enabled on my phone. Right now I can’t reproduce it on another device, and I don’t have another NFC tag near me. Hopefully the Play Store will give me an insight in the error, so if someone could try and test it for me, that would be great.


I just bought your app, ordered the tags which should come in few days. I will test it.

Some notes

  • the Write options means only SCRIPT correct? would be nice to have them sorted alphabetically

  • the advanced write is also for automation/switches/lights correct? It does not work for me, no domain are shown (I do not care much, I can convcert my needed function into SCRIPT and use the WRITE function of your app)

This idea is really cool, my only problem is now to convince wife to get an android phone, since I guess there is no IOS similar app available


does it need to be in the background, need to start the app after a phone reboot, or ?


The write option is only a script, indeed. That’s the most easy to set up. The order is how it arrives from HASS, but sorting it sounds like a good idea indeed.

The advanced write technically enables you to fire any event that HASS can fire. That’s really weird, the normal write works for you? No errors in either the app or HASS? I’m not sure if there’s a setting in HASS or in the config that causes that perhaps… I’ll dig into that.

I do not own any iDevices, and the price is way too steep for developing for a simple app like this. I don’t think there are any apps like this because Apple does not allow using the NFC chip from their phones. But I’ve read that they are planning to change this, or it already has since iOS12? Don’t know about that.

About your other post: The app does not have to be in the background or whatever. You only have to configure it, and it will just work. When Android recognizes a tag that has been configured with Hass NFC it will ‘call’ the app with the data that’s on it, and it will be executed. So even after a reboot or whatever it will just work.


Normal write works (it show correctly a list of I think SCRIPT, which I can select), upon selection I press WRITE but it asks to “hold your phone to a nfc tag” which I don’t have, will test it when I have an NFC tag (might have one at home somewhere, or wait until amazon delivers my order)
Advance write, when I click on the small down arrow for the DOMAIn n (or SERVICES) nothing happens, no error in the app (where should I look for HASS error, the homeassistant log, its pretty big log, what shall I look for specifically?)