Hass NFC - Control Home Assistant with NFC tags


Really weird, because the simple write menu is originated from the big list from the advanced menu.

Not sure what to look for in the log, something around the time when you use the app. But I’m afraid there’s nothing there really.

Let me know once you’ve tried out the app with a tag! Wondering how it will work for you. :slight_smile:


I tried again and now they show, maybe they were loading?

Even more important an alphabetical sort!! I have too many entities, very complicated to me to get the needed one, when I put DOMAIN SWITCH does not show only SWITCH but all entity_id… Need to fix this


Fair point. Right now HASS just dumps all entities, no matter the domain. I’ll have to filter them out. So when you select the domain “scene” only “scene.whatever” is shown. I’ve put your points on my to-do list, so I’ll follow them up soon. Thanks.


I’ve just released a new app version. This should fix the problems you reported:

  • The domains, services and entities are sorted alphabetically
  • The list with entities now match the selected domain (you can select homeassistant to show all entities)

Let me know what you think! :wink:


Yes it’s perfect, now I need nfc tags!


Arrived the tags. The app works, although not always the command is sent. Not sure if it’s the app or the tags itself.

What I see missing in the app is a list of the tag/commands already written/stored


I am thinking that a useful function is the using of read only nfc tickets. So the app will execute a script or service by detecting the mac address of the nfc card. Is that possible?


Hm that’s weird. You should get a notification (push, toast, vibration), depending on your settings, when a tag is read. Do you get those with a success text? In that case the command is sent to HASS.

A list can be useful. Just for your insight, or for other purposes as well?


That should be possible, but it can be spoofed for example. You want to store a function to a specific tag in the app?


Yes. I think the trigger of a script or service by tapping a nfc card with a specific MAC address is a good addition. About your security concerns I’m finding it to be the same secure. The difference is that the payload is saved at the device.
Thank you


I’ll put it in my list and see what I can do!


Yes sometimes it works fine, other not will try to investigate /reproduce.

What is definitely useful beside the toast Sent or Error a different sound for Success or Error


I’m afraid the sound your phone makes is default to Android/your phone. I haven’t found anything to control that at all. It also does it without my app.


yes understood, I mean after that NFC sound, a sound from your app for the success (beside the toast Sent)


Ah right. I’ll see what’s possible. :+1:


Love the app so far. Little issue is that you need to turn on phone and unlock it (limitation by Android and how it handles NFC, not the app), and then works fine. Very cool!!


does this only work via public URL? because I do not have remote access enabled on my hass.io server (for lots of reasons, inlcuding that I can not reach hass.io from outside due to ISP restrictions (iPv6 and such). So I tried locally with the http://IPaddress:8123 and the hassio pw. And all I get are error messages…


It’s mean to work that way, yes. But it should work locally as well. Tried to disable SSL verification? The app is meant to work over HTTPS to ensure a secure connection, but you can disable the checks if you can’t use that.


The app is working great! I’ve encountered a security issue/annoyance in my use case. @klagio mentioned Android’s limitation of needing to turn on screen and unlock before NFC scanning. Well, my phone is rooted and that policy overridden. Annoyance is I may accidentally scan special tags like…door lock toggle, which is in my car for when I arrived home.

This brings up an interesting feature request. @Gerben321 Can you add a bit to tag (a setting) to signify it requires fingerprint authentication before executing the script?


A workaround: my NFC tags are hidden behind the sun screen, no way you go accidentally with the phone there. I found it to be a perfect spot for my garage door and 2 front yard gate.

And you give me a great idea : root my phone to override Android limitation