HASS not going online. Pi4

i’ve been messing with this issue for going on 3 months. mainly used home assistant to add automations to my KASA devices.

well as of roughly 3 months ago, i cannot get a connection to my Pi. leading up to this, HA would crash maybe once every 3 months, require a reboot, then be good for a while. now, after a reboot when i try to go the HA homepage on my laptop, which has worked for the last 4 years, i get nothing. i can Ping the pi but HA isn’t responding. i have removed the SD card and it is not corrupted(or i don’t believe so), when i hook my pi up to a screen i get no errors. just nothing happens for HA.

any pointers on where to look next to get my system working again?3
would like to try to resolve before starting from scratch on a new image.