HASS on SSD boots only once!

We love HASS over here and have been using it for probably a couple of years now…What I dislike is that on SDcard it crashes every 2-3 months! So I got myself a USB SSD to run it off and read what seems like half the internet!

Config - RPi 3B/ Samsung 500GB USB SSD

First, I booted off SD and set the parameter to boot off USB and checked with vcgencmd otp_dump | grep 17:

I used BalenaEtcher (windows PC) to install the latest image onto the SSD. Plugged it into and powered up the Pi.

It booted, all looking good. Got through the add username stage of the initial boot and got to the HASS desktop as per usual. Nothing wrong so far! But then I rebooted the Pi and it simply refuses to boot of SSD - No message - just nothing on the screen. Inserting an OS on SSD and it boots off the SSD (different image on there - not HASS).
If I reimage the SSD then it will again boot but the above is repeatable!

Ideas? I am stumped!


Booting off SSD with Pis seems inconsistent. For me it’s not starting even the first time. Similarly with Raspbian, it would only work from cold start, not from a reboot for example.

Have you found out anything in the meantime?

I’m surprised there isn’t more talk about this. Pis seem popular and SD Cards aren’t a good idea so SSD seems like the way to go but that isn’t working consistently.

My SSD worked with the Pi and Raspbian so it’s not the hardware either :confused:

What parameter did you set? usually the 3+ detects the USB and boots without any flags as far as I understand the documentation.