Hass OS crashing even after clean install and nothing running

There are a few topics on this but nothing helpful so trying my luck… Will appreciate any help
Installing Hass os on RPI4 8GB, the PI hangs after usually 24hrs, sometimes a bit more but it’s quite consistent in being over 20hrs and under 48hrs.
I tested a new SD, I tried installing Hass and configure nothing, and same issue.

I installed raspbian lite, then home assistant, no issue after an uptime of 8 days. So what that tells me is that it’s unlikely to be the hardware, unlikely to be the config, yet because the system freezes, I can’t see anything. (network stops responding as well)
I even connected a screen a displayed the logs but there was no obvious error that I could see at the time the system freezes.
I know that the easy way is to continue with raspbian and my current install but I like the simplicity of Hass OS, the backup but more importantly I rely on quite a few addons and I am not too keen on spending too much time figuring out how to install those pluggins without it.
I want to tinker doing Home automation stuff, not sys admin stuff…

Any suggestions to help me? Or is there any way to bring add-ones to HA core?


If you run a core install you will need to install and maintain any applications you want yourself.

This will give you the Supervisor and add-ons.

Thank you for this suggestion.
It works well and is pretty stable, so while that does not change the fact that HassOS is completely unstable on my PI, at least this way, it works well.