Hass.OS for NUC

I am considering buying a NUC so that I can install Hassio and upgrade from my Raspberry Pi.

Reason for this is I want to have about 15 add ons running - including many optional ones such as Phlex, Tautulli and pi-hole, but I feel like the raspberry pi might struggle.

If I buy the NUC, will I be able to install Hass.OS as the operating system? I would prefer to do this rather than install linux and then hass.io on top, because the add-ons system is good enough for me (in terms of additional software) and it’s easier to use since I’m already familiar with hass.io.

Not yet but it’s coming

Thank you. Is there an ETA for that, do you know? :slight_smile:

I understnad that FOSS may well not have one; but just wondered if one might have been mentioned (you obviously have access to at least soem information that I have not been able to find!) :slight_smile:

You can install hassio on top of almost any Linux distro.

Thanks, but it’s rather not have the extra hassle of another OS to maintain.

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It’s Linux…you don’t have to maintain anything after it has been configured the first time.

No apt-get update and upgrade? I must admit my knowledge on this is limited.

On 16.04 and 18.04 you can choose during setup to have it automatically install security updates during setup.

It’s there if you so desire…but not required. I have production servers that are still running on 14.04 and haven’t been updated in over a year aside from security patches.

This. :smiley:

Which version of Linux is this?

Ubuntu 16.04/18.04

Not really… just heard it on the Discord chat.

I second what others have said about just using a Linux distro. I am using Debian on my NUC. Updating Linux is trivial really especially compared to the flexibility of not locking yourself down to HassOS.

Thank you both. May give that a go then.

I made this installation the other night, Im guessing with an existing backup you can load in you would make the switch pretty quickly.

I went to NUC about a month ago but instead of HASS.OS I decided to go Ubuntu Server with containers for everything I wanted. Learning curve with docker is initially steep once you get going on it, it worth the effort to easily manage various components and have a much more stable system.

This thread helped me

Start small, get a hang of it, come here and ask questions. I promise you its worth the effort.


if you just do a linux distro install, install docker and then the generic linux hassio install, restore a snapshot you’re done… nothing to learn - it will look and behave just like Hass.io with HassOS or ResinOS. You can then play with installing other containers to do other things… and yes that is a bit of a learning curve for sure but excruciatingly easy after your first one.