Hass OS VM Size Problems (Need Help)

I have been running Hassos on VMware and when it runs its great but it keeps increasing in size to the point where it causes problems and I do not know why. I had to delete other VMs to make room and I am almost out of room again. This is not the first time it has crashed and I have had to start over with an outdated snapshot.

Can anyone explain why this happening and how to avoid it?

TreeSize of Nuc server

Treesize of Hassos Samba

Let me bet, it’s your recorder database. See the docs:

I’d recommend also setting
purge_keep_days: 5
commit_interval: 15

I followed your suggestions and it helped temporarily but now there are 2 .vmdk files and the second one is still growing. Hopefully it will remain steady after 5 days.

purge_keep_days: 5

Can the 52gb 0001.vmdk file be deleted it? I desperately need that space

Looks like it’s probably a backup, or just plain hassos. Just create a backup, delete that file, and see if it still boots.