HASS + RPi4 + x730 (or: integrating a UPS into my HASS hardware stack)

So… to expand on the title a bit… Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi4 with a Suptronics 18650-battery based UPS. The x730 comes with a shell script to manage rebooting and powering down via GPIO.

So, my questions are…

  1. I’ve read a few times that GPIO support was, or is, broken in hass.io\hass-in general… Is that the current landscape or has support been fixed between when those posts were written and now?

  2. (related to 1) My best guess says the best route would be to make the script into a HASS.io addon, second-best would be a HASS install on top of raspbian (which I’d like to avoid for various reasons)