Hass -> SmartThings

I know that theres a project to use your smartthings devices on home assistant, but I want the ither way around, much like homebridge. Is there any way to do it so?

The reason for that is that with the new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home, Bixby will be a good way to control smart appliances.


Bixby has “Capsules” now. I am working on a plugin to integrate to my phone. If there is some interest, I might try to package properly for others to also use.



Oh, that’s awesome!!
I would really appreciate if you can share that. I really want to be able to use my Galaxy Watch to control HA.

Hey @mathieson any updates on this?


I honestly abandoned Home Assistant for Domoticz. I have personally found it much more reliable.

I have developed a “layer” on top of Domoticz that creates virtual devices on SmartThings. These devices are synced to the Domoticz devices. I used pysmartthings to do part of the sync. SmartThings apps on the cloud push to the “layer”. SmartThings in turn can be controlled by Bixby standalone from Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Phone. Works very well.

It might be adaptable for Home Assistant. Would be happy to post if you wish.


Also, I forgot to mention, I did manage to get my Bixby capsule working with Home Assistant. However I lost interest since in my country the capsule marketplace does not exist. So settings are hardcoded and I could never try it except in debug mode.

I should say that it did work. If you wish I can post, but I do not plan to look at the code until Samsung opens Bixby Marketplace in Mexico.

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