Hass templating

Hi all,
I have been going deep with HASS, i am quite a newbee since i am using it for 1 week.
But i have good knowledge in webprogramming.

Wishing to help you later but need you to help me.

I am using css styles applied to only ONE button-card (for test purposes) thanks to the great :slight_smile: @thomasloven

I am going to have many type: ‘custom:button-card’

So i need to template them.
Where can i put the styles ? in customize.yaml ?

For web, we create a css file with a style let s say buttonstyle1 that we can call in the html with the class or id buttonstyle1

Hope i am clearand hope i get help from skilled hassdevs
Thank you,
Have a great day

CSS is severely limited for the default Home Assistant frontend due to its extensive use of webcomponents and shadowDOM.
Selected properties can be edited using themes which set CSS variables (there’s a forum section for that).

For the rest, card-mod is your best bet for now.
Also note that general styles can be applied with card-mod using themes. See the wiki on the card-mod github page for more info.

Thank you for answering.

I will also check about including views