Hass Upgrade to 0.110.1 fails

I’m currently running Home Assistant 0.108.8 in a VM using Virtual Box 6.1.6 on a MacMini.

Trying to upgrade Hass to 0.110.1 but it fails. I found this error in the System log:

no such image: home assistant/gemux76-64-homeassistant:0.110.1: No such image: home assistant/gemux76-64-homeassistant:0.110.1

Is this something that I’ve not configured correctly?

Is there a way to fix this short of re-installing entirely from a new VM image?

Thanks in advance ;-}

Likely there is not enough free disk space for the image, hence it’s not found.

@micque - thanks for the reply.

I’m unclear as to where exacts there is not enough free disk space.

The MacMini that I’m running the VM on has plenty of disk space.

The VM disk image I installed was taken from here: https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/installation/. Presumably they would have considered upgrades when creating the image, and would have included enough free disk space.

What can I do to fix this?


what’s the disk size?
recommended is 32Gb

@Juan Thanks for the reply

On the off chance that the VM image was too small, I tripled its size. This time the upgrade worked.

Thanks all for the help. ;-}


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